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GPT-3 Python API cheat sheet - Tumbler 20oz

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GPT-3 is a state-of-the-art model for natural language processing. This product will provide you with a quick reference of using GPT-3 API with Python.

Programmers are said to being fuelled by caffeine and just 1 cup of coffee or tea may not be enough. Our vacuum insulated 20 ounce tumbler will help you keep yourself caffeinated with that extra amount your favourite beverage. 


.: Stainless steel makes this item long lasting and corrosion resistant.

.: 20 oz (0.59 l) - almost twice the volume of a regular 11oz coffee mug.

.: See-thru plastic lid will provide visibility into amount of beverage left to consume.

.: Vacuum insulation will keep your hot drink hot and cold drink cold.