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Remember The API

Visual Studio Code shortcut cheat sheet - mousepad

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Visual Studio Code is a code editor designed and developed for writing modern software. This product provides you a quick reference to VSCode keyboard shortcuts.

Get this mousepad to decrease wear and tear on both your mouse and desk. Increase speed, precision and comfort of your daily computer use. Be able to use your mouse even on reflective surfaces, such as glass desks.

.: Dimensions: 9.25 "x 7.75" (23.5 cm x 19.7 cm) - standard (M) size.

.: 1/4" (6.35 mm.) thickness.

.: Made of durable neoprene - resists degradation more than most rubbers.

.: Soft rubber base makes it non-slippery on any surface and keeps it firmly in place.

.: Polyester surface on top side.